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Abraded Surface
Freehand, digital Airbrush
13" x 13" (or request) 4/5/04
Canvas also available
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About "Abraded Surface:"
The Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, carry on board an abrasion tool for scraping away the outer layers of rock so that the rock can be more closely examined.  Some of the images were quite unusual and equally beautiful.  This is an abstract/representational piece of the many images sent back.

Professional Comments About "Abraded Surface:"

"...Brings to mind that I keep neglecting to praise Julie Jones for the RAT hole painting I saw in the Mars Pulsar issue. For my money, it ranks high in the top 10 paintings ever produced by 
IAAA artists. Really a remarkably fine work, Julie."
Joel Hagen, Fellow, IAAA

"That piece particularly impressed me as well."
Joe Bergeron, Fellow, IAAA

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Here are the Mars' Rovers' images that were used as reference.  

Image credit NASA