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Accretion Discs
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Accretion Disc 1
Accretion Discs 1, 2, and 3
3' x 8,' October 30, 2009, Dgital Airbrush
A variety of sizes and materials are available for prints--from canvas to museum quality papers.
Inquire about other colors available.

Pricing Here


"Beautifully done.  I'm thrilled with your work." 

"Julie Jones marvelous rendition of a new banner for IAAA exhibits--with very little window of time--was awesome if not short of miraculous. Thank you Julie for doing this for us!"
 -Kara S.

"I could look at this for a very long time and never get tired of it."  -Carol R.

"I want to thank you personally for your fabulous job you did on the IAAA banner." Michelle R.

"Your coloring choices are wonderful!"  Chris W.

"I could look a this color all day - it's wonderful! "  Peg Z.

"Amazing!"  Johnna W.

Accretion Disc 1
Accretion Disc 3
Accretion Disc 2
Accretion Disc 2
Accretion Disc 3