After the Storm
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Magnolia Pendants
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Floating magnolia 2
Floating magnolia 3
After The Storm
Digital Airbrush 
17 x 24 on a variety of materials.

Created for three frineds who refer to themselves as "The Magnolias".

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Also makes a great greeting card.

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I tell people that when I was growing up I never had a store bought cookie.  It was sacrilege as mom baked everything.  Well when I need art for a room I never buy anything except the frame.   We are decorating the now vacant back room, turning it into a guest room and I've decided on greens with a few red accents.  This piece, a variation of After the Storm, is a diptych with each piece being 24x36.  One of the first people to see this thought it was 3D.   We think our guests will enjoy it.  (It is also available in other colors as you can see from the image at the top of the page.  Just ask for the colors you would like and we will provide a preview.)