Copyright  2001-20012 Julie Rodriguez Jones
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Storybook Ending
Pencil and digital color,
9" x12"  October 14, 2001
Sunny Days
Pencil and digital color
October 13, 2001
See Awards and Honors
The Miracle of the Loaves and the ...
7/99, Tempera and image inversion.
4 images, 8.5 x 14" each
Jurassic Strings
Revised 1/4/03 Colored pencil with digital enhancements on archival, matte watercolor paper
Print 18" x 8"
Mixed, 2001, 4" x 5"
19" x 13", Tempera and digital enhancements

Stained Glass Butterfly
12/7/02, Freehand digital airbrush
15.75" x 12.5"
8.5" x 13,"  Digital Airbrush
19" x 13," Digital

All Creatures Great and Small
Yellow Macaw or Blue Macaw
36" x 36" or request size
also see Greeting Cards and Liturgical Art
Carved Skull, 18x24 or request size, 3/20/11
Digitally carved

Carved Skull 2, 10x13, 3/24/11, Digitally carved

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