"We Gather Together" Thanksgiving banner and stole
"Joy" banner
for weddings or baptisms.
Let there be light banner
"Light of the World" banner, stole and greeting card.
"Let there be light" banner
"The Star" Christmas and Advent banners, stoles and greeting card.
Matching banner and greeting/gift card.

Prices and fabric details are at the bottom of the page
"Let there be light" banner and gift card.

To order click the link at the top of the page.
"We gather together "Thanksgiving"  banner, stole and gift card.

Pricing details are at the bottom of the page.
"The Star" gift card.
Prices are at the bottom of the page.
Pricing details at the top of the page.
"A Great Light"  matching gift card.
Details are at the bottom of the page.
Pentecost Banners, Choose your own wording and whether you want the  close up of the art or the more distant view.
"Pillar of Fire"   gift card.

Prices and  details below.
Kente Ministerial Stole
(and shorter length graduation and choir stoles)

Suggested Occasions:
Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
World Communion Sunday
(See other World Communion Banners)
African-American History Month
Any multi-cultural church celebrations

See "Stoles" below for details.

This Kente pattern can also be seen in the Women in Film produced PSA, The Reunion by clicking here.

See other Kente Cloth items and the colors available for stoles:

Other Kente Items
Greeting Cards

Prices and fabric details are below.
Matching gift card available.

Ministerial Stole
~5" x 106"

Graduation or Choir Stole
~5" x 70"

Other styles available.  Please see the bottom of the page.

"The Chalice" Stained Glass Window
Large Banner
This  stained glass window style banner can be made in sizes up to almost billboard size and it is significantly less expensive than real stained glass!   Grommets are placed in each corner.  Professionally printed by ePingo on a wide selection of materials and fabric (see below). 
Your Denomination's/Faith's Logo

The chalice or the cross can be replaced with your denomination's logo at no charge.  (UCC, Methodist, Presbyterian, DOC, Lutheran, American Baptist, other faiths etc.)  Alternate logos are with the image only and no text so it will not detract from the overall appearance.  Logos can be in matching red, while and or blue to match the banner. 
"Sunrise" Stained Glass Window Large Banner
This  stained glass window style banner can be made in sizes up to 58" x 38"  which is as large as a real stained glass window and significantly less expensive.   Grommets are placed in each corner.  Professionally printed by ePingo on a wide selection of materials and fabric (see the bottom of the page). 
Version 1
Version 2
"He Lives" banner and stole for Easter or any occasion.

Pricing details at the bottom of the page.

Here is a sample of a custom banner requested by a church member in Ohio.  They chose a piece of art from this web site and combined  it with their chosen text.  It is 6 feet long by 3 fee high and professionally printed by ePingo.com
Custom Banner for Acolyte Conference using
Custom Images and Wording
"If they kept silent, the stones would cry out"
Banner, stole and matching greeting card.

Pricing details are at the bottom of the page.
"The Vessel"
Banner and stole are appropriate for baptisms or any occasion.

Prices and fabric details are at the bottom of the page.
"Come for all things are ready"
Communion banner with glass detail shown.
Available with or without the cross on the bottom chalice.

Your denomination's logo can be placed on the bottom chalice. (UCC, Methodist, Presbyterian, DOC, Lutheran, American Baptist, etc.)  All denominations are honored.

Prices and fabric details are at the bottom of the page.
The Spirit Relinquished  and Lightning Bolt Banners and Stoles

Banner sizes for the empty crown of thorns banner range from 19" x 13'  to 38" x 26."
Scroll to bottom of page for standard information on stoles and additional information on banner materials available.
Prices and fabric details below.  Matching gift card available.
Appropriate for Good Friday as these images are an illustration of Luke 23: 44-46
For uses from Good Friday, Genesis and the Ten Commandments to calming stormy seas, this bold ministerial stole with vivid, cloudy, blue and back skies is a background for lightning bolts the length of the stole.  Stole is 5" x 106."  A young person was heard on Good Friday saying, "Best one yet." 
Pentecost Flames Banner, stole  and card
This banner and stole are also great for church camp services, campfire worship services or sermons about the burning bush.   Details at the bottom of the page.
Blessing of the Animals Banners and Stoles
Pricing details at the bottom of the page.

Note:  A bit of controversy has ensued about this image.  Please note that  the image only represents the pets/animals that the congregation is bringing to be blessed.  It was created for a Protestant blessing service.
Click images for enlargements.

Prices  at the bottom of the page.
Matching greeting/gift card available.
Blessing of the Animals Banner
Please scroll down for prices and details.
Blessing of the Animals "Blue  Macaw"
Click images for enlargements.

Prices and  details at the bottom of the page.
Greeting card details at this link.

Add  wording or words of your choice on the banner.
13" x 19" Banner
up to  5 feet wide on request
13" x 19" Banner
up to  5 feet wide on request
"The Vessel" matching greeting/gift card.
Banners for churches and others celebrating Independence Day and 911
See below for sizes and materials.
Note:  The Statue of Liberty was drawn while sitting at the uppermost part of the base of the statue.
Note:  Lincoln was created from a visit to the Lincoln Memorial.
Names of God Banner and Stole No 1
"I ordered your names of God stole for our pastor's Christmas present. You sent it in plenty of time for giving- which we did today. (It was a gift from our Bible study group. ) I wanted to let you know how much he liked the stole ( it brought tears to his eyes ). I thank you for the beautiful work you do."
Bethany United Methodist Church Tuesday Bible study

Names of God Banners and Stoles

          #1                                                             #2
Names of God Banner and Stole no 2
Matching Stole
Banner Detail
Customer Kudos:

"Absolutely beyond beautiful!!!!  It takes my breath away, and I have tears running down my cheeks~  I'm speechless.
Pilamaya Waste' ~ Great Thanks"   Denise Iwaniw

Good Morning!    I received the stoles yesterday and they are beautiful!!!The Methodist cross looks great!!   I can not wait to give them to the 2 pastors involved...they will love  them-----Thank you! Diane"

"The banners and stoles arrived today and they are all soooo beautiful.  I can't wait to present the banners to my congregation for their support of prayers and finances to put me through seminary.  I will be ordained on Saturday the 24th and will present the banners to the congregation at worship on the 25th as their official Minister. Thank you for helping to make this gift possible!"  -Martha Atkins

From one of our customers:

"Oh WOW -- the stoles are sooo beautiful!  They are truly more beautiful than I imagined.  You are a gifted and very talented artist!  I thank you for your wonderful work and the effort you gave to get them to me in time to present them to our Ministers.  Thanks so very much!!

They arrived yesterday afternoon in perfect shape.  My son and daughter-in-law came over to look at them.  They liked both the Communion and "Here I am Lord" stoles.  But -- I think they really loved the Communion stoles.  I think I know which stole they will want next!!  I will be in touch with you again soon!!

Again, thanks so much for delivering such gorgeous stoles.  They exceeded my expectations!!  I will send you photos of our Ministers wearing the stoles."  Warmly,  Sherry Mansell

The beautiful banner arrived and my husband and I are both so pleased with the overall look of it! -Barbara  Pullen
A Great Light Banner
(Text can be changed to your choice.)

Pentecost Banners, stole  and gift card.
"Dear Julie
I just wanted to thank you again for your help in the choices I made for my stole for the celebration of my Ordination. The stole and the extra one are absolutely fabulous!!! It looked very nice on the day and I am looking forward to wearing them at different occasions. With best wishes, Helen"

The stole just arrived... it is gorgeous. Perfect length and fits great!  I am so pleased. I appreciate getting the instructions...  I treasure my stole and thank you for your creativity, talent and blessing others with both!

A Great Light
Arise, shine version
Pricing details at the bottom of the page.
Red Parrot Ministerial Stole
Artwork for Red Parrot Ministerial Stole
Vermilion Red Parrot Stole
Used for ordinations and blessing of the animals
Artwork enlargement

Background stole fabric depends on fabric type available.  May require a special order and modest additional fee.  Current stock is a cotton-poly blend.
Sunrise Stained glass banner by Julie Rodriguez Jones
Right click "view image" for enlargement.
"I have not written yet to thank you for the incredible work you did on the parrot stole.  I absolutely love this stole!  I was able to give it to my friend, and she loved it as well.  It will make her ordination day! "
-David Krause


And a month later, Rev. Krause, sent this follow up:

"Just wanted to make sure that you had a one month update on the parrot stole.  Many, many, many thanks.  your work is not only lovely, and right to the exact hopes and dreams that I had, but also greatly appreciated, and she simply loves it!

I've recently taken a new position myself, and just might be in the market in the coming year, for some new liturgical garments myself.  If so, I'll be sure and be looking you up.

Again, let me express my sincere and deep appreciation.  Your work is great!  And you were a joy to work with in it's planning, design, and execution.

David Krause (the Rev'd.)"


"Hi Julie,

I was a couple days behind on catching up (going back and forth upstate to the flood zone) and I just opened your package.  The stole is WONDERFUL.  I love it.  Thank you so much and it was great working with you.

Best regards,


Crown of Thorns
Fused Glass Pendant
Just click on the pendant for an enlargement or to purchase.  Only $16
Angel Wing Nebula
Fused Glass Pendant
Just click on the pendant for an enlargement or to purchase.  Only $16
Crown of Thorns
Fused Glass Pendant
Just click on the pendant for an enlargement or to purchase.  Only $16
Art from the Soul Clergy Stoles and Banners Pg 1 of 5:
Clergy Stoles, Choir Stoles, Graduation Stoles and Banners
Preview what your banner will look like in your church. 
Just send us a photo of the area of your church where you plan on hanging your banners and we will hang them virtually to make sure they are just what you want!
Liturgical Arts Menu
The "Lightning Bolt" Stoles:  Your choice of words and/or logos are free.
Choose your own text and denomination logos free or use the stole plain.  These stoles have been used for "The Word of God" and interim ministry stoles along with Good Friday and ordination services.  We can help you be creative!
The Lightning Bolt Banner
Your text and logos can be added at no charge.  There is almost no limit on the size of this banner.  This one is 36" x 114" but can be larger or smaller.

Right click the image and select "view image" to see the enlargement.
There is a wonderful story behind the commissioning of the "Peace. Be Still" banner and stole.  It represents a calling to interim ministry:

Rev. Jeanne Loveless was to be installed into the Interim Guild of the Northern California Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ.  The installation was hosted by Jeanne's home congregation, Tapestry Ministries (DOC/AB) at the Ecumenical Center of Berkeley, 1798 Scenic Ave. 94709.  Jeanne has Ordained Ministerial Partnership Standing in the Bay Association of the Northern California Conference of the United Church of Christ and retain her standing as an Ordained Minister in the Northern California Nevada Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) at the same time!  Jeanne discerned a strong call to work with congregations that are in the intentional interim time, are in conflict and crisis, are in designated term situations, or have experienced breeches of trust. Jeanne is currently serving as Interim Senior Pastor of First Congregational Church of Oakland (United Church of Christ).

Pentecost Multi Colored Flames Banner
Pentecost Multi-colored Flames Banner and Stole

Your choice of  colors too!!
Split Red Flames Stole
Red Flames Stole
Red Flames Banner
"Names of God" 70" short stole
on the left and 106" long stole on the right in our newly designed pattern. The art is printed edge to edge and is around the entire face of the stole and the collar area.   Note that this view shows the front and the back of the collar.  The reverse side is usually black. We create our own art and print our own fabric. These stoles were created from the Names #1 banner art.

Pentecost stole by Julie Rodriguez Jones - ArtFromTheSoul.com
Dazzling, flame like reds and oranges call attention to the holy spirit descending on the planet. We create the original art and print our own fabric for these stoles. 106" but can be shortened. Denomination/church logo added at no cost.

This is our new edge-to-edge printed stole with the collar that lays flat across back the shoulders.    See the bottom of the page for stole details and pricing.
"Julie, the Names of God stole arrived today and it is truly beautiful.  Thank you so much getting it to me so quickly. An added plus is knowing how to care for the stole. I know Ellery will be very touched with your creativity. Our church will bless the stole this Sunday before it is shipped to our newly ordained pastor at his first church in Iowa.  Joan"

"Hi Julie, I received the "Names of God" stole and wore it for the first time this past Sunday! So many people in our congregation noticed it, wanted to read all the names on it, and said it was beautiful (which it is!). This is the ONLY stole I have ever worn that fits properly at the back of the neck and over the shoulders and so it also doesn't 'flip' in the front. Thank you so much for creating such beauty! I will wear it with joy! And I will let my colleagues know about your business.
Blessings,  Donna Lee Merz"
This is our newest style.  The art is a full 5" wide and is printed edge to edge with a collar that lays flat around the back.
In this view you can see both the front of the stole and the back of the collar.
It is available as 106" or 70."  We shorten stoles at no cost.  Pricing details are at the bottom of the page.
If you love our art,
click below!
The Star clergy stole by ArtFronTheSoul.com
Thanksgiving and fall leaves stole by Julie Rodriguez Jones
This is our newly redesigned Thanksgiving and fall leaves stole.  Right click and select "view  image" for the enlargement.  These leaves go all the way around the stole.  In this view you see the front of the stole and the back of the collar.  The leaves, as seen in the left on the banner were originally created in tempura.  The art is now transposed into our fabric print for fall and Thanksgiving.

We create our own art and print our own fabric.

Stole details are at the bottom of the page in the right hand column.

This redesign was inspired by a trip to the Southern Highlands Craft Guild in North Carolina with our friends Chuck and Janet Johnson where beautiful colors blossomed everywhere.
Choose to add wording and your denomination/church logo at no additional cost.
70" short stole with suggested wording.
The Star #2 Banner
The Star #3 Banner
TheStar #4 Banner
The Star Banners.  Choose to add wording or a logo at no additional cost. Pricing details are at the bottom of the page.

The Star #1
The Star #2
The Star #3
The Star #5
"Julie: Thank you, thank you, thank you.  The banners were up this past Sunday and the response was overwhelmingly positive.  They are beautiful and simply stirring.   People lingered after the service to take a closer look and in fact, after the sharing of the peace, the Assisting Minister just stood in front of the banner which hung behind him and looked at it during the offering. I'll get a photo to you as quickly as I can.  Gretchen"


"Julie:  The banner arrived one day early in beautiful condition!  My, oh
my..... you ARE the artiste!!!!  I am so proud to have original artwork and in another week, I will hang it in the church.  Thank you so very much
for doing everything you said you'd do and when you said you'd do it.  I appreciate your dedication soooooooo much.  I will write something about
you and the banner for the Sunday bulletin the first time it is hung. The people need to know they will be looking at a masterpiece.  Again, thank
you.  Joy Komnick"
Red Pentecost flames stole
Split red Pentecost flames stole
Multicolor Pentecost Flames Stole
Multicolor short Pentecost flames stole
All stoles are available in both short and long styles.
See the bottom of the page for details.
Lightning clergy stole by Art from the Soul
106" Stole with suggested wording.
Call us at 775-424-2548
Pacific Time
Let There Be Light Banner and Stole                                                               
Logos and/or wording are usually added at no charge.  See the top of the page for banner and stole ordering information.
Scroll to the bottom of the page for our NEW style stole.  You'll love them.
Scroll to the bottom of the page for our NEW style stole.  You'll love them.
The Star #4
The Star #6
Stars with Angel Banner
The "Traditional" star stole with the optional word "Love." Your choice of wording and logos.
© 1999-2014 Julie Rodriguez Jones
Images on this site are protected by an embedded,  electronically traceable watermark, even if modified.
Specific images have been registered with the Library of Congress Copyright Office.
  Written, rescindable  permission to use is required.
Web www.ArtFromTheSoul.com
sea glass stole one
Vespers Banner by Julie Rodriguez Jones
Stoles, banners or other liturgical art are available for all faiths.
   UCC (United Church of Christ), The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ -DOC), Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, LDS, Latter Day Saints, Mormon, Mormons,  Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Independent, Church of Christ, Seventh Day Adventist, Quaker, Friends, Christian Scientists, Religious Scientists, African Methodist Episcopal, AME, COGIC, Buddhist, Bahai, Unitarian, Jehovah's Witnesses, Independent, Evangelical, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, Korean, Samoan, Pentecostal, Calvinist, Hinduism, Judaism, Jews, Calvinists, Clerical, Minister, Priest, Ministerial, Druid, Pagan, Native, United Church of Canada, Gay, Lesbian, Queer, Questioning, Transgender, Intersex, LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQI, clergy stoles, clerical stoles, minister stoles, stoles for ministers, ministerial stoles, stoles for clergy
Abstract Madonna with Child

The Story Behind the Banner

Many people see a mother and child in the image to the left.  I had a customer come to me and ask to make the image more like a Madonna and child so this is what we created.  To order, click the link at the top of the page.
Madonna and child
The Pillar of Fire Stole