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Cards for Kids
Suggestion for inside:  Flying high on your birthday!
Suggestion for inside:  Happy Birthday to You!
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"The Jet Pilot"
(Also available as a print)
"Jurassic Strings"
"Storybook Ending"
"The Toy Collection"
"Sunny Days"
"In Orbit"
Suggestion for the inside:
I went into orbit when I heard it was your birthday!
Suggestion for the inside:
Blastoff to fun on your (indicate year) birthday."
Suggestions for the inside:
Birthday:  It's your birthday!  Now you can play with the big kids.

First day of new school year:  Now you are in the (fill in) grade.  You can play with the big kids.
Promotion:  You've been promoted. Now you can play with the big kids!
Suggested use:  New baby
Suggested use:  
Summer vacations/Beginning of sum
First pair of glasses--How cool!
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Big Blue Marble
Blowing Bubbles 
from Original woodcut print
by Ross Rodriguez
Butterfly on the Wall
Also available as a wall sized 20" x 30" or
 13" x 19" print
Kite Flying
Suggesion for inside:  Flying high on your birthday.
Mars Polar Pastel
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