Celebrate ChristmasChanukah, Kwanzaa and Winter
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First Snow
Holiday Lights
Winter Leaf
White envelope used for all cards
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Winter Tree

Fox Holiday
Fox Christmas
Available with Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays
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Text:  May the Festival of Lights provide illumination during Chanukah and each day throughout the year.
Kente Cloth
(also called Kente Cloth)
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Chanukah                              Christmas                                    Kwanzaa                                   Winter   
The cards below are sorted by holiday but several cards can be used for multiple occasions.
The Ornament
 Aurora No. 2: Over the Lake
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Snowball Fight
Aurora No. 4
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Angel Wing Nebula
Through the Eyepiece
Ringed Planet
Aurora Reflection
(Legal sized only: ~ 4" x 9.5."  See prices for "half sheet.")
Stained Glass Nebula
Tropical Christmas 1


Front: Wanted for violation of Section 602.5 of the California Penal Code.
Inside:  Multiple counts of unauthorized entry into a dwelling.
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Christmas Aurora 
Aurora 5
"Not a cat toy!" (Click card for enlargement or to have your pet on a card.)
Nevada Skies
Ugandan Man
Ugandan Woman in 
Formal Dress
Aurora Through The Trees
Christmas Tree - Click Image for Enlargement of similar image
Rocking Fox - Green
Rocking Fox - Red
Liberty's Flame
"Dogs Rule."  Click card for enlargement or if you would like your dog on this card.
Put your pet in this wreath!
Package of 12 Cards or order individually
(Great as a thank-you gift for colleagues and friends.)
Black Lab Christmas Card
Dog Heaven
Sale!!  Only 145 cards available.   Beautiful, glossy 5x7 card with white envelope.  $80 for the lot!  Just ask for the "Fox Holiday" sale card.
Wise Men Still Seek Him
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