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The details here are important.  Call us at 775-424-2548 to discuss your order or custom needs.  The owner is Julie Jones and you will probably be greeted by her.  You may also be directed to the glass specialists Joy Day and/or BJ Johnson. Our email is [email protected]  If you are trying to color match your pews, walls, stained glass or other items, realize that this is very difficult to do over the Internet.  You can probably get close and have colors that will be complimentary but not exact unless we are standing in your church.  If you have a rush need and it is custom work, please call but remember that custom glass work requires time to create and rush charges may apply.  Your are responsible for providing the correct spelling on items that are engraved.

Please note the following for glass creations

1. Nature of Original Glass Art. Each Original Artwork is unique and therefore may not match initial design concept
exactly. Client grants Artists full license to adjust design as they see fit, due to safety, construction or beauty requirements. No major adjustments will be made without full Client approval.

2. Changes. Client shall be responsible for making additional payments for changes in the original assignment requested by Client after  final sketch approval. Errors or omissions in materials supplied by Client may impact final completion date and fee. Changes to, or restoration of, original art shall not be made by client or third parties without written permission of the Artists.

3. Cancellation. In the event of cancellation of this assignment, ownership of the original artwork, sketches and other preliminary material, reproduction rights and all copyrights shall be retained by the Artists and a cancellation fee for work completed, together with expenses incurred to date of cancellation, shall be paid by Client.

4. Artists’ Warranty. Due to the nature of glass, it is normal to express concern for safety and its fragility. Artists warrant that glass pieces will be durable, highly safe to come into contact with and be able to withstand such normal and moderate contact, within reason, without breaking or being harmful. 

5. Payment: Retainers or partial payments shall be indicated under Payment Schedule, should these apply.  A 1½% monthly service charge is payable on all overdue balances. The grant of any license, right of reproduction, copyright or transfer of original artwork is conditioned on the receipt of full payment.

All artwork is copyrighted by the artists and images as such may not be reproduced in print, the world wide web (Internet) or any other media for promotional purposes (including the promotion of church services) without the written consent and/or agreed payment to the appropriate artist(s).  Please contact us for permission and/or payment, depending on use.

When you place your order you agree to the terms, conditions and statements herein unless provided to you otherwise in writing by Art from the Soul.

To order, we are just a call or an e-mail away:

1)  [email protected]  or 
2)  775-424-2548 in Nevada.
3)  SKYPE instant messenger:  jrjones714

Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AMEX and Paypal accepted.  Payment via a secure ordering page.
Stoles, banners or other liturgical art are available for all faiths.
    UCC (United Church of Christ), Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, LDS, Latter Day Saints, Mormon, Mormons,  Catholic, Jewish, Independent, Church of Christ, Seventh Day Adventist, Quaker, Friends, Christian Scientist, African Methodist Episcopal, AME, COGIC, Buddhist, Bahai, Unitarian, Jehovah's Witnesses, Independent, Evangelical, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, Korean, Samoan, Pentecostal, Calvinist, Judaism, Jews, Calvinists, Clerical, Minister, Priest, Ministerial, United Church of Canada
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Two great fine art companies, Art from the Soul and GlassSculpture.org have teamed up to celebrate the joyous sacraments of baptism and holy communion.   Spherical Magic's specialty is glass art which is a perfect marriage for Art from the Soul's liturgical art.  Spherical Magic will be using many of the pieces that Art from the Soul has created for liturgical/ministerial stoles and banners, and transforming those pieces to celebrate the most sacred times in the lives of churches, families and congregations, the sacraments of baptism and holy communion.

These fine art glass pieces are meant to be used for a life time and their beauty celebrates the glory of God and the special events in the life of the church.   All glass is HAND casted.  

Commissions are welcome.

Ordering information is at the bottom of the page.

Baptismal font bowls and basins:

These make a stunning memorial gifts and can be engraved.

The dimensions for each are shown with the images.  Prices are as shown.  We will quote a shipping price..

Keepsake bowls and basins are approximately 4" in diameter and 2" deep and will be similar or complimentary (but not exact) to the large bowls and basins:  $70 plus.  Ask for a shipping quote.
Keepsake bowl engraving with your child's name, date and brief quotation, $38.00

Recommendation:  Place the basin/bowl on a stand, table or pedestal.

Also please see our ministerial stoles for baptism!  Just scroll down at the link!

Communion plate and chalice sets for the congregation:
Communion plate prices are as shown.  Shipping based on size/weight and your location.  Chalices are $88.00 plus $13 shipping.
Portable communion plate and chalice for visitation including case: Coming Soon

Portable communion sets are a great gift for your minister or chaplain for any occasion.

Aqua Blue Spalash Baptismal Bowl Basin
Baptismal Font Bowls and Basins
These also make for stunning memorial gifts to a congregation and can be engraved.
Aqua Blue Splash
Baptismal Basin
18" across, 4" deep
Custom Engraving $175
Flaming Rose Nebula Communion Plate
Communion Plates and Chalices
Both Traditional and Contemporary Styles
(Chalices will be coming soon!!)

If this is for a memorial gift for your congregation, the plates can be engraved.
The Rose Nebula
Contemporary Communion Plate
11.5" diameter
Brilliant irridesence forms a striking background for the swirling Rose Nebula.
Custom Engraving: $38 
The Red Contemporary
Two Section
Communion Plate
9.5" x 5"
This plate has two sections to hold two types of bread.
Custom Engraving: $38 
Translucent Water Splash Baptismal Bowl Basin
Translucent Water Splash
Baptismal Basin
18" across, 5" deep
Custom Engraving $175
Yellow Sunburst Splash Baptismal bowl basin
Yellow Sunburst Splash
Baptismal Basin
18" across, 5" deep
Custom Engraving: $175 
The Earth
Baptismal Basin
17" across, 5" deep
Custom Engraving: $175 
Art from the Soul has a wonderful matching stole and banner.  Wording changes on the banner and/or stole can be made at no charge.  Just scroll down at this link!
The Earth Baptismal Bowl Basin
The Seafoam
Baptismal Basin
17" across, 5" deep
Having the look of fine Italian marble, this basin is perfect for a classical sanctuary.
Custom Engraving: $175 
Sea Foam Baptismal Bowl Basin
The Sun
Baptismal Basin
17" across, 5" deep
Custom Engraving: $175 
Contemporary Red communion Plate
Waves of Joy Communion Plate
Waves of Joy
Communion Plate
12" x 12"
Flowing white glass waves hovering over brilliant background irridesence.
Custom Engraving: $38 
Starburst Communion Plate
The Sun Baptism Bowl Basin
Baptismal Font Bowls, Basins and Pedestals
Communion Sets
Flaming Rose Nebula Keepsake Baptismal Bowl Basin
The Rose Nebula Keepsake Bowl
Available in any of the glass designs shown on this page.
4.5"–5.5" dia., 1.5" deep
Custom Engraving with name, date and scripture or quotation: $38 
Sample of Engraving around the edge
 "In Celebration of the Ministry of The Rev. John Jones 1980-2010" 

 Custom Engraving
Enhance your Font with a scripture verse, your church's name or commemoration relief etched into the glass surface.

Baptismal Font engraving: $175.
Keepsake Bowl and Communion Plate engraving: $38

The Red Contemporary
Single Section Communion Plate
6" x 6"
Custom Engraving: $38 
The Red Starburst
Communion Plate
6" x 6"
The colors of this plate and the spurious bubbles are in The Craftsman Style.
Custom Engraving: $38 
 Fine Wood Pedestals
Magnificent hardwoods lovingly crafted to complement your baptismal bowl to create the complete font. Bases are weighted to provide additional stability, especially if they are to be placed in the narthex or other high traffic area. 
Eight Spindle
Baptismal Font Pedestal
32" tall, 16" base dia.
Solid Cherry and Red Oak support the glass bowl with eight elegant, graceful turnings; creating an open design.
Eight Panel
Baptismal Font Pedestal
32" tall, 16" base dia.
Solid Cherry, Red Oak and Aged Wood support the glass font with a traditional eight panelled design.
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Art Nouveau
Baptismal Stand (Stand only)
32.75" tall, 30" to basin support, 19.6" base dia.
The graceful flowing curves of Solid White Oak, Ash or Maple with Cherry accents support the glass basin; creating a design in keeping with more contemporary architecture. The inverted bowl echoing the basin shape incorporates a cavity on its top to accommodate an LED light to softly illuminate the basin.