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The Imaginarium, Nevada City, California
April 17 through June 19, 2005
The Imaginarium  hosted a large display of art by the International Association of Astronomical Artists in conjunction with their exhibit on Space and Flight.  With thanks to the Imaginarium's director, Judy Nielsen, the exhibit professionally displayed not only all the art but descriptions about each piece and biographies of each artist.  Robin Hart of the IAAA organized the event for the IAAA, gathering art from around the globe to be displayed at the exhibit and prepared a continuously running slide show of even more members' artwork and of the genre in general.  Thanks also to Robin for the dazzling IAAA and show signage throughout the exhibit.  A reception was held 4/29 at the Imaginarium.
Welcome to the Imaginarium
Announcing the exhibit
Judy Neilsen (left), the Imaginarium's Director, greets guest, Marianne Slade Troutman, President of the Nevada County Board of Education.
A delicious reception was held for the visitors who attended the opening, including a one-of-a-kind IAAA cake.
Robin Hart spoke to the group about space art and the artists of the IAAA and their work.  The slide show is on-going on the large monitor to the left.
Not only did the attendees get to see a great art show but children also explored the science exhibits.
With thanks to NASA. a collection of moon rocks added to the excitement of the evening.
Julie Rodriguez Jones and Robin Hart, chatting after the show,  represented the IAAA.
Robin Hart and Julie Rodriguez Jones made some introductory remarks and answered questons about space art  during the reception.