One of the most dynamic voices to emerge in recent years is that of soprano Jennifer Bynum.  
A respected and accomplished vocal artist, the beauty of her voice is balanced by a singer of sincerity and purity who has drawn the attention of opera companies and symphony orchestras around the world.  
Born in San Francisco, California, and raised in Richmond, in the East Bay, Ms. Bynum studied voice at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and the Cornish Institute of Music in Seattle, Washington.  She continued her studies privately with soprano Olivia Stapp, has participated in master classes with Martin Katz, and assisted in master classes with Frederica von Stade with whom she has appeared in concert.
Ms. Bynum maintains an active schedule of performances including concerts, recitals and special engagements.  Jennifer has also composed her own original works and has put together a Christian musical group.  Her music has been hailed as creative, emotionally resonant, and crosses all racial barriers.  She recently completed a sound track containing her own musical recordings and is hoping to release her CD soon. 

Ms. Bynum's deep commitment to her faith is expressed in her mission statement:
"To sing, proclaiming the Good News of the Messiah's saving grace and return to all nations."  

We invite you to listen to Ms. Bynum sing!

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Oh, sing to the 
Lord a new song!
  Sing to the Lord,
 all the earth.
  Sing to the Lord.
 Bless His name.
  Proclaim the good news
 of His salvation
    from day to day. 
 Declare His glory 
among the nations,
 His wonders 
among all peoples. 
Jennifer Bynum

"Hustle and Flow" 2005 ( Academy Award New Song, Academy Award Nomination for Best Actor-Terrence Howard) has received much acclaim especially for the pivotal scene in which Ms. Bynum sings the spiritual, "Changed Mah Name."   Her performance in this movie has been quoted as being "worth the price of admission alone" and "the most profound scene in the movie." 

View the Trailer with Ms. Bynum singing:

3/2/06 The Oprah Winfrey Show interviewing Terrence Howard
Oprah to Terrence Howard:  "I know you have seen the movie many times and it still makes you cry. What still makes you cry?"
Terrence: "The Church scene. The one scene where I didn't act in the movie was inside the church
listening to that song. I asked Jesus if He'll change my name. All of us would like to have have a clean conscious. To even think about it makes me well-up because its's such a honest place." Film clip with Ms. Bynum singing was shown.

From Film Critic Robert Roten 8/27/05
Laramie Movie Scope:  Hustle & Flow:

From Johnny Web
Hustle and Flow Review by Johnny Web

Denver Post August 2005

Internet Movie Data Base

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Jennifer Bynum International Soloist
Jennifer Bynum International Soloist
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