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Kente Cloth
This original Kente cloth pattern is appropriate for Kwanzaa, announcements, invitations, parties, graduations, anniversaries, and more.   Frames, mugs, shirts and other items may be requested with this pattern.  Pattern may be licensed for your special need from custom coffee bags to whatever you can imagine.   
Just send  an email to-[email protected]

See Banners and Stoles for how individual stoles are hand made.
Kente Cloth
Bright Blue-Dark Blue
Bright Blue-Green
Bright Blue on Blue
Keepsake box
Invitations, Kwanzaa, and general greetings in two sizes
Kinte Ministerial Stole
Great for:
 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
World Communion Sunday
African-American History Month
Any multi-cultural church celebrations

Each stole is individually made.  Click here for fabric and pricing details.

This particular Kinte stole can be seen in the Women in Film produced vignette, "The Reunion" to air Spring 2006, which will support the efforts of the California Black Women's Health Project.

Seee below.

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Greeting Cards

Kinte Choir and 
Graduation Stoles
All cotton, hand washable in cold water and mild soap.

Great for:
Year around Multi-cultural and African-American choirs or any choir special occasion such as
Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday,
World Communion Sunday,
African-American History Month, or
Any multi-cultural church celebrations

Graduate with color!
Matching stoles for you and your classmates.

Each stole is individually made.  Click here for fabric and pricing details.

See other Kinte Cloth items:
Greeting Cards

Ministerial Stoles
5" x 106"

Choir and Graduation Stoles
5" x 60"
Please scroll down for all Kinte items and ideas for Kinte cloth gifts and products.
Click here to see additional stoles.
Click here to see additional stoles.
Custom colors are available.
A variety of applications are available for this brightly colored Kente  cloth from banners, ministerial stoles, graduation and choir stoles, greetings, invitations, mugs, to commercial products (bags, CDs, mugs).  It is only limited to your imagination.  See below for just a sampling of colors available and applications to give you some ideas.  Please contact [email protected] or call 775-424-2548 for further information or a quotation on your special project.
A sampling of patterns available.  Custom colors are available at your request.
Original Kinte pattern
Other Sample Applications
The above banner appeared in the PSA "The Reunion" which aired spring 2006.  This still is from the filming of the PSA.

A copy of the PSA is now available for viewing by clicking here!

CD for First Congregational Church
of Berkeley's fundraiser featuring Frank Thomas, bass solist and Larry Marietta, organ.
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