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Supplemental Terms for Multiple Stoles and/or Custom Stole Orders:

Please Read This If You Are Considering a Multiple/Large Stole Order and/or Custom Order:

Samples of Our Work
We will be happy to send you samples.  We know that seeing our product is important if you are investing a large amount of money.  The list price of the stole/sample stole, will be that listed for regular stoles as shown on this website plus shipping and will be invoiced along with any smaller sized (approximately 10” x 10”) swatches which are billed at $5.00 each plus shipping, unless you receive a statement otherwise, in writing, from Art from the Soul.  Payment for samples and swatches shall be made prior to shipment.  A deposit or credit card number may be held if Art from the Soul agrees in writing that samples are to be returned.  If so, samples are to be returned in the indicated amount of time, exactly as sent out and undamaged and without marks or smudges.    We will tell you the price of any other types of samples.   Depending on the size of your order, and/or discounts offered, we may choose to apply the payment for the samples to the final order. You will be advised in writing.  It is not automatic.  Custom art work and pattern modifications are billed at the current list price per hour as show on any of our liturgical art pages.  If you choose to purchase a stole with custom art and/or pattern modifications, that cost will be billed at the time you place the order for the sole(s).  If free customization charges were contingent on your placing an order and you change your mind or decrease your quantity, expect the indicated charges to be billed to you or your non-refundable deposit for customizations to be indeed, non-refundable.  As we create, we will tell you the hours that are incurred at each step of your requested modifications and/or customizations.   If you change your mind about the quantity you were considering ordering and lower the quantity, note that any discount offered will probably be decreased.

Creating  Art by Committee
Note that creating art by committee is very difficult as everyone has their own perception of what is beautiful and/or appropriate for their church or organization.  Often art by committee results in charges for multiple changes.  We recommend that you receive input from your committee but that only one person decide on changes that will be requested, otherwise customizations can get expensive.  

Funding your project/order:
If you are considering a large number of stoles/multiple stole and/or any type of customization please know that as you customize your stole the price will probably increase.  The amount of fabric, pattern changes, type of fabric, interfacing and the amount of labor all contribute to price increases.  If a price has been quoted and you change your mind about the end product such as going from single sided to double sided stole or changing the pattern, you should expect the price to increase.
If you are considering buying a large number of stoles and/or custom stole please confirm first that you have the budget for them and if you make changes, please check with your budget committee if you have the funds to cover changes and customizations.   Changes and customizations cost us money and though often we make small changes for free, this is not to be considered the norm.  Even our listed free changes for logos and wording, cost us money, though we gladly do these two changes for free unless there are excessive requests.

Scheduling Work
For multiple stole orders we must schedule the work.  That usually means gearing up with scheduling workers and workers making commitments for their personal schedule (child care, interviews for jobs, medical appointments and reserving certain uninterupped work days for Art from the Soul work, etc.).  If you verbally tell us that an order will be placed by a certain day, if you change your mind, that costs us and workers money.  It is just like scheduling a work crew for any service and then being a "no show" for the given day or only giving us limited notice.  Keeping your commitment helps keep costs down.

If your payment does not arrive as promised your work slot may be given to the next customer.  Work is done on a first come first served basis, payment wise unless you have paid for expedited services.

Payment Over Time
Depending on your needs we may be able to accommodate payments over time, with product being delivered proportionally.

About our Guarantee:
We guarantee our work to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.  Most of our items are considered fine art pieces and thus there may be brush strokes and other indications of the art work.  We also state that you either like the item in advance or you don't pay.  That means that we will set something up for you, including custom art and if you don't like the preview (digital), you won't pay for the hours of set up time.  If you tell us to proceed with changes in design, color or changing concepts altoghther, that is your approval to proceed and you will be billed for custom hours unless we so incicate otherwise in writing.

Please feel free to contact us via any of the methods on our contact page.