CD duplication, Cover art, Labels and Inserts
So, you've thought about making a CD for yourself, friends, your non-profit, school or other fundraiser but you're not in the business and don't want to produce millions.  You want it to look like a professionally produced CD too.  You just don't know what to do with your master CD after you made that wonderful recording.  Well, AFTS Special Projects is your solution whether you need 2 or 200 or 1,000 we can create (or help you create) cover art, labels, inserts and can duplicate your master CD all at a price that will still allow you to make a profit or affordable enough to give away as gifts.  Prices start at $10 per CD including cover art with text with your artwork and photos, CD label, double sided glossy insert, label on spine of CD, jewel case and CD.  (Less if you supply the CD and jewel case or other supplies.)  Photography by AFTS or additional graphics are also available at $35/hr.   Just ask for a quote for your project: copy to your mail-[email protected].  Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express/Palpal accepted.  Just call us and we'll walk you through how to do everything.  775-424-2548
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"Jennifer Bynum   Alive in the Spirit"

Several years back I reconnected with a childhood friend, Jennifer Bynum, from elementary school after hearing a clip of her singing "Wade in Da Water."  Her voice was truly a gift from God.  I wanted others to hear her and so built several pages on line, hosting it under Art from the Soul. Another elementary shcool friend, Linda Walker Robertson, also fell in love with Jennifer's talent and began sending out letters and a sample CD for which I created the graphics and inserts.  

I received this message from Linda:   "Thank you so much for your hard work on the CD. We have received a message from the White house and Jennifer is being considered for a Holiday performance. I thank God for your gift of friendship and your talent !!!"

"Saw Mah Freedom in Jesus"

What a privilege it was to name Jenifer Bynum's newest CD and create the art for a collection of spirituals. This was a great challenge to create an image that illustrated both slavery and then freedom through Jesus.

I virtually visited a museum and saw many of the shackles used on slaves. I saw a neck ring with spikes, used so slaves could not sleep, sitting on its side and it immediately spun around in my head and I saw a cross. I created my own version of this torture device and oriented it as I had visualized it. For the freedom through Christ I've made a crown of thorns in the center thus being the focus and liberating element.  I am ever so thankful for such artistic freedom.

Without the text this makes a wonderful banner for Amistad Sunday, typically the second Sunday of March.  The background can be extended and text can be added at no charge.

Kudos on this piece:
"You are a talent to be reconed with." L. Robertson
"Wow, Wow, Wow  This is amazing. It is so perfect." J. Mason
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