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Garden Flags
We can create just about anything for your special occasion. Whether you are anouncing the location of a birthday party, a fun event, a baptism party, a work event or just about ANYTHING we will help you create it.  When my niece, Christina, has an event she almost always places a garden flag on the lawn to let guests know they've reached the right home plus it is a wonderful greeting.   Our garden flags are are 12" x  16.5" with a generous 7.5" pocket taped on the back.  Just slip it over your garden flag holder, then when your event is over you have a lovely small banner to hang.  Send us a photo and we'll include that too and match the theme of your event.  We'll include your business logo for company events!   Do you need a different size?  No problem.  Just give us a call at 775-424-2548.   
Garden flag created to match an invitation for a baptism and celebration aftwrwards.
Garden flag created to announce the location of a cake decorating lesson/party.
Our flags are printed on archival, heavy stock paper with archival inks.  For other materials, please give us a call at 775-424-2548.  We accept all major credit cards. Custom flags are available for $15 plus shipping  which includes your choice of text, a photo or logo which you supply or your choice of existing art from within the Art from the Soul web site.  Additional custom work is $35/hr.