Logos and Corporat Art 
and Related Projects
So do you have an organization for which you would like a logo or identifying corporate art work?   Look to Art from the Soul to help you visualize your organization's identity.  Below are some samples of art created for both local and national organizations.

From your letterhead, to your front sign, to directory listings, to your home page, to company shirts and jackets, to business cards and more, we can create the art for you.  Pro-forma license agreement available for your review upon request.

Rates are $30/hr.  High resolution images provided on CD.  

Here are some samples below!  Phone us at 775-424-2548 or e-mail [email protected]

Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express/ Paypal accepted.

Reno's Options Pregnancy Center

These draft logos for Reno's Options Pregnancy Center incorporates drawings of homes and buildings from the immediate neighborhood to create a logo reflecting the director's desired sense of "community."  It was just a matter of snapping a few photos from the neighborhood to create the drawings.   Once a logo is created it is yours to do with as your organization needs.  

National Graves' Disease Foundation 
Logo and Corporate Art
which was used for many years
The NGDF used this on everything from their home page to all other identifying corporate images.
Business cards, mugs, flags, letterhead, labels, fliers, brochures, thank-you cards, logos and more.
San Francisco's Talk of the Town Tours
Cosmic Candles Label and Logo
Lead Head Logo
Trash VS Treasures Logo
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This little Catholic Church, built in 1858, is home to Terre Beau Winery in Dover, Missouri.  John Tulipana is the vintner and his wine rivals the best in Napa and Sonoma.   This label had a line drawing and John asked if I could add some color to what we'd previously created.  I think it was a good idea. 
Terre Beau Vineyards Wine Label
Two versions of the label were created, one in color and the other a black and white drawing.
Updating a Church's Image
At my church we are updating our image, heading toward a modern look.  In the past there has traditionally been an image of our steeple but when we proposed the following, its acceptance was wide spread.  The water is appropriate for the life to the church flowing into the future, for the living waters of renewal and of course for where we live with the Truckee River.  This image will be going to council next month for the vote.  It was shown to the congregation on 8/30 with great acceptance. 

AFTS can work with your church too for new ideas!
Banner Concept
Letterhead concept
Business Card Concept