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Under Nevada Skies Series
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Pogonip:  The Frozen Fog of Spanish Spring Nevada
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Earth Science Picture of the Day on March 23, 2005

This winter wonderland doesn't owe its captivating looks to a recent snowfall -- there's no snow on any of the these trees. Dense, freezing fog occurred all day and night for almost an entire week (beginning January 17, 2005) here in Spanish Springs, Nevada. The freezing fog, called pogonip by the Shoshone, which translates to "white death," readily accumulated on trees and most other exposed surfaces. Each day this veneer of rime ice was heavier. Temperatures were mostly in the 20s, and ice was everywhere. 

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Half Sheet Cards 5.5" x 8.5"              $3.10      $2.60      $2.10     .      
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When most people think of Nevada, they have images of Las Vegas and Reno, casinos and bright lights.  But Nevada is much more.  The high desert of northern Nevada is beautiful with stunning rock formations, rivers and lakes, mountains and of course western US history.   These collections of 12 blank, quarter sheet greeting cards show the scenery and events of Northern Nevada.   The images are on luster paper which tends to resist fingerprints.   Price is $12.60 for 12 cards or $13.50 with decorative package shown below.  See ordering information for other details.   Visa/MasterCard/Discover accepted for all orders.  We are just a click away at[email protected] or place your order via phone at 775-425-6821. 

Posters  13" x 19" of the closeup images can also be ordered for $20.. Shipping is $5.35 including insurance.

Greeting cards can also be ordered individually, in quarter sheet or half sheet sizes or in decorative packages of 12 quarter sheet cards for $13.50