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Art of Ross Rodriguez 

Ironstone Vineyards, a leading US vintner, has awarded its grand prize in its Spring Obsession art competition to Julie Rodriguez Jones of Spanish Springs, NV.  Ironstone will promote its Obsession wine for 2005 in forty-nine countries using Jones’s art. 

Leading US Vintner Makes Grand Prize Award To Nevada Artist

Murphys, CA  March 31, 2005 -- Ironstone Vineyards of Murphys, CA, one of the leading vintners in the United States, has awarded the grand prize in its Spring Obsession competition to Julie Rodriguez Jones of Spanish Springs, Nevada.  The competition, open to anyone world-wide, called for daffodil art which would herald in Ironstone’s Obsession wine for 2005.  Jones’s piece, “Beneath the Moon” 
( elegantly displayed a grouping of daffodils reaching up in the night sky beneath a golden sliver of moon.  Ironstone Vineyards celebrated the award during a gala dinner where award winning chefs presented their newest dishes and Ironstone’s owners, John and Gail Kautz, unveiled a stunning poster made from Jones’ piece.  The poster will be distributed to forty-nine countries world-wide where the Obsession wine is sold and Ironstone will have merchandise available with Jones’s art on it.

Jones, who is a full time artist, left her life-long career at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 2003 to pursue her passion for art.  She says that she couldn’t be happier with her career change and with her days being filled with creativity. Jones has two artistic emphases, space art such as supernova, nebula, and planets and her flowers. Her space interests began as a youth and hand building a large telescope as the world entered the space age.  Though her interest in flowers initially began with painting roses from her father’s garden, she really began to explore her interest when she first discovered the Ironstone show four years ago, which called for daffodil art.  Her interest flowered from there with her drawing blooms from neighbors’ yards and with her receiving a first place award from a New Mexico art gallery for a painting of calla lilies. Jones’s art can be seen at  Jones has exhibited primarily around the United States and has received a variety of awards and honors including being asked to create the cover art for “Grandfather’s Song” by Jake George, a novel released January, 2005 by Arche Books of Nevada.  In addition to the grand prize, her piece, The Gift (, featuring a grouping of her father’s tools, also received a ribbon at the Ironstone show.  Her winning piece, “Beneath the Moon” will become a part of the winery’s permanent collection.  Jones says, “What a great honor it is to be among those few artists who have previously received this award."

About Julie Rodriguez Jones
From Spanish Springs, Nevada Julie Rodriguez Jones is an independent artist whose operates her studio as “Art from the Soul.” Her art has been shown in galleries, magazines, as greeting cards, in and on books and has been acquired by nationally based companies.


Art from the Soul
Julie Rodriguez Jones
11860 Canyon Dawn Dr.
Spanish Spring, NV 89436
[email protected]

Ironstone Vineyards
Chris Gomez
1894 Six Mile Rd.
Murphys, CA 95247


Editors Note: 
If your publication would like a higher resolution copy, suitable for publication, of the Obsession poster featuring "Beneath the Moon,"  please request this from the artist at 
[email protected]  At the request of Ironstone Vineyards, in your e-mail, please provide your name, your publication's name, anticipated date of publication and if applicable, the section of your publication in which it will appear (i.e., "Arts.")   A high resolution copy of the other winning piece, the Gift," is available upon request from the artist via the previously mentioned e-mail address.
Art shown in the competition:
Obsession poster featuring grand prize winning piece, "Beneath the Moon." 
The Gift
Aurora Through the Trees
Mardi Gras
Tulips in a Green Vase
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This image is owned by Ironstone Vineyards.  Any reproduction in whole or in part required written permission from Ironstone Vineyards.