Quilting Collaborations

Collaborations between artists in the IAAA (The International Association of Astronomical Artists) are common.  I have frequently relied on Joy Day, a multi-media artist to create art in glass incorporating space art, print for me and even embroider.  Robin Hart, a space artist, has turned to quilting for her medium and she has made some stunning quilts.  (And there are not many space quilters out there!!)  Below is just a sample of what she has done.  Robin and I worked together on this to print the art on fabric.  You may not know that printing is an art unto itself and more often than not, printing on fabric requires considerable adjustment to get the colors to behave from screen to cotton.  

Below is what she did.  I was enchanted by it!  (Look at the detail in the sky and on the sand!)

Our fabric printing is on cotton broadcloth.  We can print up to 24 inches wide for any particular pattern or square.  We can print any length you wish.  Our price includes our consultation with you, and up to four (4) test prints at ~ 10 x10 each and discussions after each one and your receiving a digital copy of the test print.  The price for a piece 24" x  24" is $40 plus shipping and handling.  (There is significant labor and discussions that go into each swatch.  Minimum order is $40.)  Larger pieces will be prorated. Should you wish the test swatch mailed to you, it is only the price of shipping and handling plus a 5% markup. You approve the final digital swatch and then we print and ship any method you choose. 
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Space Art Quilt 24" x 24" by Robin Hart:
Ascension Island - Night of the Turtles, the Comet and the Blood Moon