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Solar System for Kale
Solar System Collage by Julie Rodriguez Jones
A Solar System Banner for Kale
Being a space nut, I've introduced Kale, my 2 year old grandson, to the night sky and to begin with, the solar system. He knows and recognizes the planets now. This collage includes up to date NASA images along with Art from the Soul artwork with the latest discoveries including the ice jets on Enceladus, a moon of Saturn, aurora on Jupiter, rings around Uranus and more. I decided to add the International Space Station, The Hubble Space Telescope, The Space Shuttle and way out at the end of the banner, Voyager1. Little kids do love to see space craft plus it shows some semblance of intelligence on the third planet. I threw in a comet for good measure. Up close it looks pretty cool. I also added the Cassini space craft around Saturn. (That would make Carolyn Porco happy.) This banner is 24" x 116" but can also be made in 18" x 87" and 12" x 58."
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Hi Julie! You should have seen Bryan's face when the banner was opened! A great success! Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful image! (He knows not to touch it - really :)! ) Looking forward to finding a frame and displaying it in his room. Love, Suzie