Travels in Spain, August 2000
During August, 2000 we visited many cities in Spain.  We traveled from Madrid via the bullet train to Granada in the south to visit The  Alhambra.   We stopped at Cordoba to visit an ancient mosque and spent a day in Toledo where a major battle of the Civil War occurred.  The second half of our trip was in the north in the La Rioja wine region, a beautifully ancient area with villages that borders on a thousand years in age.  We went to Cordivin with its ancient, deep wine caves (bodegas), Ortigosa and my favorite, Villoslada de Cameros with our most gracious hosts Santiago and Lupe Garcia de Vinuesa.  Villoslada has about 200 residents which swells to three times that in the summer.  Most streets are cobblestoned, many with long stairs so traffic on many streets is nonexistent.  There is an occasional burro or cow.

Villoslada is an ancient village, probably about 800 years old with stone homes, still standing (and being lived in!), that were from the 15th century.  We arrived in time for the annual fiestas, a community event, lasting five days (and nights!) with music and many events.     Enjoy the images!
This small door, "Puerta Antigua," was in the home (upper right) of our hosts in Villoslada.  11" x 14" 
8/00, Pencil and digital enhancements, (modified 1/4/03)
Casa 22, 14" x 11,"  8/2000   Pencil
This is the door to an ancient stone home  in Villoslada.  Many of the elderly people in Villoslada told me that this home was built in the 15th century.  Two or three other doors in the village were similarly elaborate-especially the church door.  Most homes in the village maintain their original walls with the interior being remodeled and modernized.  The walls, most a foot and a half thick, help maintain a constant temperature.  This particular home was enormous with four stories-not uncommon for many of the homes in the village.  Though currently uninhabited, I was told it had been a home and a bakery.
"Visiones en Villoslada"  14" x 11,"  Pencil and digital enhancements.  I spent several hours in the old (est. 15th century) church in Villoslada, Nuestra Senora de Sagrario, resulting in the above image combining the bridge of the village over the river, Rio Aregua, the grillwork from abound our friends' balconies and a candle from the church.
"Insectos"  8"x10,"  8/00, Colored Pencil
On our last day, these brilliantly colored beatles appeared in Villoslada.  Friendly and beautiful.

Madrid Hotels
This was the view to the left of our host's home. The bridge is near the center of the photo.
The view directly below our balcony.
Most of Villoslada is on a hillside.  Only a few homes are on level ground.
Our hosts and neighbors in native costume during the annual Fiestas Patronales.
Copyright  2000-2012 Julie Rodriguez Jones
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