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The Telecsope

This old scope, circa 1967, still works and I thought it might make a fun piece of art too. The scope briefly was housed at an elementary school but is now back "home."

When I was in middle school my science teacher directed my parents to check out the local astronomical society, on my behalf, to see if they let kids join. They did and Dad and I managed to go to meetings on the bus. In the 8th grade I had the chance to make my own telescope with the group by hand and begged my parents to let me, though we had virtually no disposable income. I started with a large flat round of Pyrex glass and ground the mirror by hand. Dad took me by foot and bus weekly for almost two years to complete the project which culminated in a star party on Mt. Diablo. (We hitched a ride with a friend who had a station wagon.) I think this was fun for Dad too as several adults also made scopes and the tools and conversation were always an interest to him. It is one of many fond memories I have of my Dad. 

Astronomy has remained an interest for me to this day and the next project is to make the scope a little more portable, perhaps adding casters with breaks to be able to more easily take it outside.

36" x 24" or  19" x 13"
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Digital Airbrush 10/2/07
The Telescope