The Gift
Freehand, digital aribrush
(not a photograph)
13" x 19" or request size
On Canvas 16" x 20" or request larger size up to Wall Mural size

You may request specific tool and/or an arrangement of tools.

Also see The Tool Chest

About "The Gift:"  
When I was 18 my father gave me a wonderful gift.  It wasn't wrapped, but laid out on the table.  It was a large tool chest including a  small plaque riveted to it that had my name and address engraved on it.  I thought it was wonderful and then Dad told me to look inside.  What I found was better than what I could have imagined.  He had given me, his own special set of tools-his hammer with the wood worn smooth and with his nick name that had been hammered into the head years before, his level with many of the markings difficult to read, a center punch, a putty knife, his hack saw and a variety of other items.  Even at 18, I knew how special this was.  And now in middle age, I also know that the gift Dad gave me was his own way of telling me that at 18 I had the tools to go out into the world and build a life of my own. 

6/21/05 Modification:  Back in the 50s power tools were a luxury so Dad had a "brace" drill which he used.  I remeber the deep red, wood handles.  Dad used it as efficiently as any power tool.  Though lost through time, it remains a vivid memory. 

Update on the brace drill:  While visiting family on 9/17/11 I was talking about Dad's tools to my cousin, Michael McCarthy.  He mentioned that he had some of Dad's tools too including a table saw and some hand tools.  This image came up in the conversation and Michael said he was pretty sure he had the brace drill so we went in the garage and sitting on top of the table saw was the drill and he offered it to me.  I GRATEFULLY accepted it.  I plan on cleaning it up a bit and then pairing it with an "automatic" screw driver and placing them both in a shadow box.   It may sound silly but I feel like The Gift is now truely complete.  Thanks Mike.  Love you. 

6/28/05 Modification:  Whose Dad didn't have a set of the yellow handled screwdrivers?  There were sizes for all needs.

6/29/05  Modification:  I'm having way too much fun for this to be work.  Today you will find a wire stripper and allen wrenches.

7/15/05 Modification:  The essential tool for the tool box was always a plumb line.

A Variety of Ways to Order

From fine art to a wall mural to greeting cards, tools are a great spotlight for your corporate office or your den at home.

Available as a giclee or on canvas, as a greeting card or request special applications.
The tools in "The Gift" can be requested together, separately, with different initials or arranged to your liking.  It can be split into two images (dyptich) or more.

The Gift received a merit award at the 2005 Ironstone Vineyards Spring Obsession Juried competition.

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TheGift (tools) by Julie Rodriguez Jones