The Magnolias
Digital Airbrush 
13" x 38" up to Wall Sized Mural on a variety of materials.

Created for three frineds (who refer to themselves as "The Magnolias") to celebrate the 60th birthday of their youngest member.  The celebration included an evening cruise on San Francisco Bay, which is how this theme was created.  

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Also makes a great greeting card.

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The Magnolias
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The Magnolias
From the Customer:
I took your framing suggestions and selected a selected a 3/16 inch rose border which picks up many of the pink hues. The black border matches the black of the night sky perfectly. It will be stunning when finished. You should have heard both Aaron personnel and customers alike exclaiming about the beauty of the print. My friend, Bettye and I will be so proud to present this picture to our third "magnolia" as a fitting memento of our enduring friendship.

Magnolia Pendants
Just click on the pendant for an enlargement or to purchase.  Only $16
Floating magnolia 2
Floating magnolia 3
This art piece is now available at Fine Art America on canvas and in a vairety sizes and on other applications.