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Wedding Ring
..and the heavens shout their glory
(aka Angle Wing Nebula)
Suggestion:  There are a variety of astronomical cards that are appropriate for glorious celebrations.  Please also visit the Astronomical and Space Cards.  Your text can be added to the cover and inside--just ask.
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Sally Holmes Rose.
Celebrate with us!
See Ordering Information for details and extra features offered such as printing on the cards and or envelopes.     Affordable paper greeting cards are available with almost any Art from the Soul image.   

Many of these cards are also used for invitations and and announcements.  Just add your text to the front , inside and envelopes.  Ask about volume discounts.

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Church in the Woods
Wedding Favors
Spanish Springs Steple
Printed on White Card Stock
Pencil 7/19/04
(Original 9" x 15")
The Wedding Vase
When we moved to Nevada one of the many things I discovered was a beautiful Native American museum.  A wedding vase was something I had not seen before but love the symbolism of the two vessels joined to form one; both sides can give and receive and both are together yet separate. 
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