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Julie Rodriguez Jones
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California Artist Featured in New Book Heralding Career Breakthroughs of Women in Space
San Pablo, California-Space artist, Julie Rodriguez Jones, was selected by science writer Laura S. Woodmanse as one of only 100 women to be featured in Apogee Books' newly released, WOMEN OF SPACE: COOL CAREERS ON THE FINAL FRONTIER. "Being a space artist is very rewarding and to be included in Woodmansee's book with the likes of NASA's Chief Scientist, a Mars Pathfinder engineer and Space Shuttle Columbia's Kalpana Chawla is a great honor" states Jones.

Jones, who worked at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, left her career of thirty-three years in April 2003 to pursue her passion for art. She easily transitioned from authoring contracts for collaborative research and development, including those for space probes, to visualizing what those instruments have yet to see.  Jones' art emphasizes space images such as supernova, nebula, and planets.  (See her great astronomical images at and home page at Jones, has exhibited around the United States and in Japan and has received a variety of awards and honors. 

Jones, who revisited her artistic interests in 2000, began exploring astronomical images and fell back in love with her interest in astronomy.  Though inspired by Hubble, Mars and other space images, she does not do paintings from those photographs but creates unique art based on what she has researched. Jones also says, "Though I often use traditional media, for my astronomical images I prefer to 'paint' using a mouse controlled airbrush in Adobe's Photoshop. It allows for the freehand creation of art, while having the flexibility of making whatever changes I choose."

Jones says about the book, "I hope that this book will inspire young women to pursue a variety of space related careers. From my own second career I hope to remind women that it is never too late to pursue one's passion."  


High resolution images are available upon request.  Samples of images are at the following links: