Celebrates Flowers, Plants, Springtime, Easter 
and Marti Gras
Copyright 2000-2012 Julie Rodriguez Jones
Angel Falls
Lupe's Lupines (Guest Artist)
Red Roses
Leaves Panel 1
Leaves Panel 4
Leaves panel 5
Pink Roses
Yellow Roses
Blossoming Spirit
Leaf Wreath
Soul Mate
(Soul Reflection Center Panel)
                  A Time for Every Season
     Summer Leaf                          Spring Leaf                                Winter Leaf                               Fall Leaf
Still Life, Color (on left), Still Life-Back and White (on right)  click link to see enlargement.    Idea: Use markers to add your own color on the black and white version.  Greeting card has just the image within the white area.
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Blood Orange

Sweet Alyssum
Golden Oak
Soul Mate inverted
(Soul Refection Side Panels)
A Time for Every Season
 panels 2 &3
(Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall)
Stained Glass Daffodils
Stained Glass Grapes
Life's Path
Mother's Vase
Stained Glass Butterfly
Jurassic Strings
Wooden Waves
The Miracle of the Loaves and the ...
Sally Holmes Rose
Papa's Rose
From Isabel's Yard
Flower Powered
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Many of these cards are also used for celebrations and announcements.  Just add your text to the front  and inside.

Can't think of what to say?  Just ask us:
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In Full Bloom
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Springtime, Flowers, Plants and Nature:
Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras
Tulips in a Green Vase
Fat Tuesday
Monarch Iris 
Daffodil Conversaton
Victorian View
Silver Chimes
On the Mantel
Mendocino Memories
The Magnolias
Foot Bridge Over the Creek Greeting Card
Footbridge Over the Creek
Magnolia Branch

Beneath the Covered Bridge
The Secon Day Greeting Card by Julie Rodriguez Jones
The Second Day