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FREE ground/standard shipping on all United States (domestic) print orders.

FAQ [Banners]

FAQ (How does this work?)

  • Call me, Julie Jones at 775-424-2548 Pacific time because banners and prices are based on the size YOU need for YOUR space.  I will provide a custom price quote in writing with all the details confirmed and a preview too. See below for some estimates on banner sizes and prices. (Banners start at $50 per banner plus our printing partners price plus a 15% markup.  We do it this way to keep your religious organization's prices down.​
  • If you have other customizations or need a totally custom banner, usually it isn’t a problem.  Custom art is $40/hr.  See how we do that below.
  • See below for other details such as shipping, returns, and the payment link.
  • *Our studio is in Nevada.  775-424-2548 Pacific Time  (3 hours behind the east coast). Email us at Our hours are:

Mon.-Sat. 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time (We are in Nevada)

Sunday and Holidays, we try to have time for church and family.

If you have a real need to talk to us, please call because

We will indeed answer the phone as long as it isn't 2:00 in the morning.


Read the sections below that may apply to you.

Indoor Banner details (“The Terms and Conditions”)

We know that everyone hates to read the fine print but we’ve learned a few things over the years and share them with you below.

Call Art from the Soul (Julie Jones) at 775-424-2548 Pacific Time, to discuss your order or custom needs (especially size!) before placing your order.  There is almost no such thing as a standard banner. I have business hours but if you have a need to talk to me NOW, just call and I’ll probably answer if it isn’t 2:00 a.m.


To get an idea for you or your committee, here are some ballpark estimates on the standard heavy knit banner material that we use, which reproduces color extremely well, resists wrinkles, can be steamed and can be washed. The standard banner is triple stitched with clear thread, has 2" pole pockets on the top and the bottom, and is hot knifed cut so that the edges are sealed and you don't have to have them hemmed. These estimates are for banners that have no customizations, except for standard wording and faith logos which we usually include at no extra charge. (See further below.)  These estimates include shipping (banners are rolled) and insurance.  Turnaround to the day they are shipped is usually 3-4 days after approval of the art by our printing partner.  The estimate below also includes our standard art fee of $50. (Printing prices are subject to change.)

Estimates for planning only:

For Heavy Knit only:

2 ft. x 10 ft.   $185.58

2 ft. x 12 ft.   $207.69

3 ft. x 12 ft.   $279.04

4 ft. x 16 ft.   $413.85

5 ft. x 20 ft.  $587.89

If there is something that you don’t understand, let us know. (775-424-2548 Julie Jones) We try and write everything in plain English without legal terms that no one understands.

For standard banners shown herein with the only difference being your size:

Know that whatever size you choose it will end up being proportional (The wider it is, normally the longer it will fall.)  If you need a banner that is 3' wide for example, we will tell you how long it will be before you purchase it.  And if you give us a photo of your worship space, with its wall dimensions, we will even hang your banner virtually.  You will receive a preview of your banner/image before you buy it. Some of our banners can be printed REALLY big (like "Names of God") and others not as large as that.  We will let you know immediately if we can’t make it your requested size. The maximum recommended sizes are shown with the image.

Though we print smaller banners in our studio up to 2’ wide by their proportional length, we only print on a heavy archival paper with archival inks. (If you want one of those, call us.  They fit most budgets.)  Larger banners are printed by our printing partner in Georgia and we recommend a tight-knit product which reproduces color exceptionally well.

Banners come with 2" pole pockets on the top and bottom unless you tell us otherwise.  The pole pockets are triple stitched with clear thread. They are printed on a tight-knit product that accepts ink to make it look like a matt photo with a minimum amount of texture.  Please leave 3" from the top of your banner to the beginning of any text.  Similarly, at the bottom.  You provide the dowel and hooks for hanging.  Banners are "hot knife" cut so that the edges are sealed and you do not have to pay for additional hemming/stitching.  Though these tight-knit banners can be washed, we don't recommend hanging them so low that small hands with cookie crumbs on them can reach them.  (Adults are curious too!) If your banner is going to be used outdoors, please tell us with your first call because the banners will be printed differently than above.  Banners are shipped rolled and not folded and are shipped INSURED.

Let us know if you need a flat banner that will be hung by grommets against a wall. Those edges have to be hemmed and reinforced with grommets added. Grommets are usually placed every 24 inches.

Custom Banners

If you choose a custom banner or choose to customize a shown banner please read this:  If you have a custom request, a graphically created preview will be sent to you via e-mail.  (There are no up-front charges until you 1) approve your first draft plus two changes or 2) choose to proceed with additional changes after the first set.  Sample banners are billable at the time of ordering.  When you approve your draft (including up to 2 changes) or proceed with additional changes, you will be responsible for the custom charges, and at that point, we will require a deposit. Should you choose not to purchase your banner (and you approved the artwork), those charges are billable (you will be responsible for the payment). As we proceed you will be advised of the custom charges as we make changes or create.)  Usually, we can accommodate rushes but you may not have time for sample materials to be received.  If you don’t like what you initially see plus two changes there is no charge.

Time Frames for Customizations (aka How fast can you draw?)

The easier the subject or the simpler the change, the faster it goes.  The more you have your thoughts defined, the faster it goes.  The fewer people in the queue, the faster it goes. (Religious holiday time can get very busy.)  The fewer changes made, the faster it goes.

We don’t charge for collaboration/planning time (though we could). We love talking to you and/or your committee, as much as you need to. Your idea and needs are important to us.  This is YOUR banner.

Custom banners can take anywhere from a couple of hours to days.

Sample Fabric and Sample Banners for those with critical color needs:

We always recommend that you request a sample of the material you are considering or an actual sample banner (billable) if your colors are critical.  For banners, we do our absolute best on color matching, if you request it.  Please realize that our banners are printed by our printing partner in another state.  They do a superior job but neither of us is standing next to your pews, sanctuary walls, or stained-glass windows.   We encourage large, high-quality photos for color matching banners, paint chips from your paint store, or carpet samples if matching a carpet or floor. Even with good photos, how much light is in your worship space may change how you or we perceive colors. A mini-banner (billable) of the actual art is recommended for a larger job or if colors are critical.

More detail on how we proceed with sample artwork and prices for custom art (including non-proportional banners)

In general, for custom art and colors, you are not committed to purchasing a printed banner until you actually purchase the banner and/OR approve the draft(s).  When we start a custom creation for you, you have no commitment unless you direct us to proceed further from the initial draft (plus 2 changes) with additional refinements, changes, a new direction, or a purchase.  Once you tell us to proceed you agree to pay for the custom time.   Once approved and printed, the custom banner is not returnable or refundable except for defects in materials or workmanship.  Custom changes will be billed at $40/hr.  Your final product price may change if you have a change in materials.  Simple or small changes may be free.  You will be advised if charges are waived. There usually is no charge for the addition of church/denomination/faith logos or wording changes (unless they are an integral part of the art) unless you have excessive requests in our opinion.  You are responsible for correct spelling on your preview.

When you place your order, you agree to the terms, conditions, and statements herein unless provided to you otherwise in writing by Art from the Soul. 


When everything is finalized you will pay via PayPal.  You don’t have to be a member to use PayPal.  They accept all major credit cards, ATM and will even allow for payments over time on orders over $100 (subject to their changes.)  Your payment to PayPal must include the amount for shipping though we may show it as a separate line item on your invoice.  We will match up your order with the name on the payment so if it is not your name, you must let us know, or there could be delays.  (As we change our business platform, this may change.)  You can always pay at this link and click on SEND:                             

    If you live in Nevada and are a tax-exempt organization, please provide your 501 C3 to us in advance.


Ship to and Bill to

If you have a different ship to and bill to address, you are responsible for telling us that, though we try to remind everyone.  Don’t assume a Saturday delivery unless you know for sure that your area gets Saturday (or Sunday) delivery.

Banner prices start at $50 plus the price of printing, shipping plus a 15% markup.

 Banner printing prices are determined by the size of the banner you want.  There is no such thing as a standard size so please call us for a quote: Julie Jones at Art from the Soul 775-424-2548 Pacific Time,  The base price for the artwork part of a banner with no additional changes is $50 regardless of size. PLUS the cost of printing. Custom art changes or custom art banners are an additional $40/hr. (Explore this site for ideas or send us something you want to be placed on the banner.)   Simple changes to existing banners can be completed in about 1 hour and sometimes less! Custom art will take longer. The commercial printer which prints our larger and fabric banners is Georgia Printco.  Please note that they do not stock our artwork.  All jobs are processed through Art from the Soul unless otherwise indicated and are shipped directly from Georgia.  Simple wording changes on Banners are usually free along with your faith’s logo should you choose that. Excessive changes may not be free.  


Returns/Replacements/Damaged Shipments

Our banners are one of the highlights of your celebration.  We guarantee that they meet the description as stated herein and the previews that we have given to you.  If they are not as ordered and as described herein, your money, including shipping, will be refunded (see exclusions herein) OR we will repair, correct, or remake your banner if possible at our discretion, and pay for the shipping back to you. This includes defects in materials and workmanship.  Returning a banner for items already described herein are considered frivolous returns--because we tell you about this ahead of time.  (If you return something for anything we've told you about ahead of time, it is considered a frivolous return.) Expedite charges, rush shipping, and custom art time/fees are not refundable. The basic banner price is refundable for defects in materials or workmanship.  (Your banner may be remade if there is a defect.  Always allow enough time for ordering including remakes even though this virtually never happens.  Should the shipper damage your item, this may take 10 days or longer for them to come to you to inspect the item. SAVE the damaged container.) Your refund will be processed when the banner is received and examined. TAKE PHOTOS. Banners, if being returned for a defect in materials and workmanship must be returned in the same or similar container in which they were shipped or you may invalidate your return.  You MUST immediately call us the same day at 775-424-2548 if an item is damaged in shipment. Refunds for items damaged in transit only cover the cost of the item, not the shipping and insurance cost per the United States Post Office. Delays in advising us of a damaged shipment may invalidate a refund depending on the carrier's advisory requirements.

Frivolous returns and banners damaged by the customer will not be refunded and you will have to pay to have the banner re-shipped back to you.  Note that we create our own art and the appearance of brush strokes and similar creative processes in the printed material is a part of any fine art piece. Shadows may be used to have text or objects stand out and are intentional and are not a reason for return.  Banners are meant to be viewed from a modest distance-not from a few inches away.


Delays due to Weather and Holidays

Please allow extra time to ship, even using express mail, if there is bad weather in or possibly near where you live. (Your streets may be clear but the airport where the hub is, could be impacted.) We request tracking on all packages and if you give us your email, you will be included in that too so you can follow your package during its route. Delays due to weather are unfortunately out of our control but you probably knew that. We do great things but that's out of our purview.

If you order something near or around a holiday (for example, something that is due to print and ship around Thanksgiving) there may be delays during the shipping process, even when there is an estimated or guaranteed transit time. We always recommend ordering well in advance of holidays, especially if you need to go to a committee for approval as that adds to the time of your order and when it will ship. We always try to help but trucks stuck in a depot due to snow or backlogs are tough for us to control.

About Colors on the Web:

The colors that you see on the artwork from this site can vary on your end from monitor to monitor, in hue and value. The color of the artwork on mobile devices such as cell phones can look different.  We attempt to represent the art as close as possible to the actual pieces.  If color matching is desired, we recommend that you request, approve, and purchase a small sample custom banner as banners are not returnable/refundable except for defects in material and workmanship.

Overseas Banner Orders:

 If you are overseas, we will be happy to send the artwork fully set up to your local printer upon receiving their printing requirements. This makes your shipping free.  

Please call for a quotation on custom sizes.  There is an 8% markup on all international orders to cover processing costs in addition to those indicated herein.  Is there an Art from the Soul image you would like as a banner?  Just give us a call at 775-424-2548.



Here are some helpful things that we have learned

over the years for LARGER ORDERS

Samples of Our Work and Quantities Ordered (for multiple quantities)

You may order paper samples or actual samples of your specific material.  We know that seeing our product is important if you are investing a large amount of money.    It is not automatic.  Custom artwork and pattern modifications are billed at the current list price per hour as shown herein.  

If free customization charges are offered and are contingent on your placing an order and you change your mind or decrease your quantity, expect the indicated charges, WHICH WERE GOING TO BE FREE,  to be billed to you (and no longer free) or your non-refundable deposit for customizations will indeed, be non-refundable.  As we create, we will tell you the hours that are incurred at each step of your requested modifications and/or customizations.   If you change your mind about the quantity you were considering ordering and lower the quantity, note that any discount offered will probably be decreased.


Creating Art by Committee

Note that creating art by committee is very difficult as everyone has their own perception of what is beautiful and/or appropriate for their church or organization.  Often art by committee results in charges for multiple changes.  We recommend that you receive input from your committee, even if it is just two of you, but that only one person decides on changes that will be requested, otherwise customizations can get expensive.  If you appoint someone to do this on your behalf and you were originally the deciding person, know that we will listen to your appointee.  Please make sure that they are aware of our terms.  (The stories we could tell you.)


Funding your project/order:

If you are considering a large number of banners and/or any type of customization please know that as you customize the price will probably increase.  If a price has been quoted and you change your mind about the end product, you should expect the price to increase.

If you are considering buying a large number of banners, please confirm first that you have the budget for them and if you are considering making changes, please check with your budget committee to see if you have the funds to cover changes and customizations in advance.   Changes and customizations cost us money and though often we make small changes for free, this is not to be considered the norm.  Even our listed free changes for logos and wording, cost us money, though we gladly do these two changes for free unless there are excessive requests.


About our Guarantee:

We guarantee our work to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.  Most of our items are considered fine art pieces and thus there may be brush strokes and other indications of the artwork.  We also state that you either like the item in advance or you don't pay.  That means that we will set something up for you, including custom art and if you don't like the preview (digital) plus two changes, you won't pay for the hours of set up time.  If you tell us to proceed with changes in design, color, or changing concepts altogether, that is your approval to proceed and you will be billed for custom hours unless we so indicate otherwise in writing.

Suggestions for poles to hold up your banner:

There are two things you could do:

1) Buy ready-made.  I did a Google search for banner poles and found this:    Purchase a fairly large wooden dowel for the bottom pocket. Have it cut so the ends are hidden.  Other than this, there just isn't much out on the market that is ready-made that I could find.

2) Go to a hardware store and purchase an appropriately sized dowel that won't sag with weight.  Buy an extra for the bottom pocket to add weight to help keep the banner straight over time. (Over time, banners can curl so we recommend a fairly substantial weight in the bottom.)  Select hanging hooks.  Hooks can be simple or elaborate.  Often you can find a variety in the curtain hardware section of a store like Home Depot or Lowes If you purchase dowels, you will need to cut them to the proper length so that the top one has room for hooks on the end and the bottom one is cut so the ends are hidden.  When I did this for some curtains a while back, I also purchased end caps so there wasn't just a flat dowel end exposed.  Dowels, end caps, and hooks can be painted to match.

Just a couple of ideas.

Please feel free to contact us via phone at 775-424-2548 (Julie Jones, Pacific time zone) or email

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